Our Equipment

With professional quality equipment and an extensive music library, we cater to any musical taste & preference!

1200w Yorkville Elite Mains (x2)

High Output, High Quality

Titanium Diaphragm Compression Driver for Reduced Distortion at High SPL to provide clarity and premium sound at any volume level

2000w Cerwin-Vega EL36DP 18" Subwoofer

Premium Bass 

Defined bass at lower volumes with enough headroom to feel the pulse of the party

Sennheiser EW 100 G4 Wireless Mics (x2) and Shure SM58 Wired Mics(x2)

Professional Grade Wireless and Industry Standard  High Quality Mics

Clear and reliable sound for any Speakers or Singers at your event 

Pioneer DDJ-SZ and the smaller and more portable DDJ-SB3

Robust and Capable Controllers

These DJ controllers from industry leaders, Pioneer, provide the dependability and control necessary to serve any type of event with creativity and precision.

14 Channel Yorkville Mixer

Versatile and Reliable

Scalability to meet the needs of most events

Multiple Display Options for Karaoke

23", 27", 42"

We have options to perfectly match your event with duplicated displays available for the singers and for the crowd to sing along.

Ipad Kiosk for EZ Requests

No more shouting over the table ;)

In addition to our QR code request system that can be accessed on personal phones/devices, we will be offering touch screen kiosk(s) to enter your requests easily and make sure your favourite songs make it into the queue.

4BAR Flex by Chauvet DJ (x2)

Light it Up

Variable and fun, this lighting set up can liven up the atmosphere of any party

ORFX107 Star Cluster by Orion 

The Light of the Party

Add a little pop to the dance floor!

Vertigo Hex LED by ADJ

Throwback "Disco-Like" Effect Lighting

Check out this fun addition to our lighting collection to add some additional variety to the vibe of your next dance!

Micro 3D Laser by ADJ

Multi-Effect Laser

Perfect for adding some sparkle to the ceiling (or floor) even in moderately lit rooms.

Aggressor Tri LED by ADJ *NEW*

Colourful Rotating Light Effect with a Big Spread

This can be a fun center-piece effect with soft rotating beams and a cool head on look that won't blind your guests!

Techno Strobe 2000s by Chauvet (x2) *NEW*

Old School Strobe Lights to Make Big Moments Pop!

Straight out of the club, these are the perfect effect for big musical drops and your best slow-mo dance moves (no video demo as strobes are difficult to capture accurately due to the intense rapid flashes of light). More info from the manufacturer is available here.

ORCAN5 LED Flat Par Can by Orion (x2) 

Great for Strobe FX and Flexible Additional Lighting FX

Used strategically, these effects can really add some hype to key moments of your dance.

If our equipment does not meet the needs of your event or the level of your vision, we can add any additional sound or lighting to suit your needs. Additional labour and logistics costs may apply in addition to the rental fees.